Munich  /  April 06, 2016  -  April 07, 2016

LOPEC 2016

International Exhibition and Congress for the Printed Electronics Industry

LOPEC 2016

Joint Booth of Organic Electronics Saxony (B0/320)

Fraunhofer ENAS shows together with the Department of Digital Printing and Imaging Technology of the TU Chemnitz our developments of Printed Functionalities at the LOPEC in Munich, Germany, form April 6 until 7, 2016. Visit us at the joint booth of OES – Organic Electronics Saxony – no B0/320 vis-à-vis the Demo Line.

We present you integrated printed batteries in various layouts for application in printing media, packages, point-of-care diagnostics, smart cards and more. As one highlight, Fraunhofer ENAS displays a printed high-current battery that reliably delivers a nominal voltage up to 16.5 V at a current level of 10 mA. This version of a printed battery is based on the known zinc-manganese layer system with an additionally integrated metal layer. This can provide the necessary electrical energy e.g. to sensor systems.

We also show printed antenna systems and RFID solutions for identification and transport monitoring of good. A directed antenna printed on corrugated board in packages for metallic objects is one sample. The system is developed together with the company richter & heß VERPACKUNGS-SERVICE GmbH from Chemnitz.

Furthermore, we offer you the characterization of inks applied in different printing approaches and post-treatment for functionalizing of inks.

Please, ask for an online voucher for a free one-day ticket of the LOPEC 2016 and make an appointment with us to visit our booth.