Electromagnetic sensors

Near field electromagnetic sensors

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Electromagnetic sensors.

New efficient power electronic components require reduced switching times. This increases the produced disturbances and the systems become more sensitive to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. By using appropriate simulation tools, some EMC issues can be predicted. However, this is it not always possible since the ratio between the biggest dimension (PCB) and the smallest structure (bond wire) differ by several orders of magnitude. Indeed, the radiating features directly depend on the switching behavior and the geometric structure. The near field sensing technique allows to mitigate this problem by precise detection of weak electric/magnetic fields within the µm resolution. Furthermore, it can be employed to determine potential electromagnetic inference (EMI) sources locally and spectrally. In addition, it offers the designer the possibility to quickly identify and correct conception faults at early design stages. Beside the EMI issues, the high and wide-band sensitivity of the developed near field sensing system allows the electromagnetic analysis of security-relevant systems such as smart cards, showing the weaknesses of such systems and allowing the elaboration of appropriate countermeasures.