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SAMPL - secure additive manufacturing platform

Security solutions for the entire process chain of 3D printing are developed within the project SAMPL.
Security solutions for the entire process chain of 3D printing are developed within the project SAMPL.

The objective of the SAMPL (Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform) project is the development of a completely secured solution for additive manufacturing processes. Within this project, particular attention is paid to the entire process chain of 3D printing. This chain includes the creation of the print data, the subsequent transfer of the print data to a 3D printing service provider, the printing on trusted 3D printers secured by secure elements as well as the unambiguous identifiability of the print object and the assignment to the used printing license. The solution developed in SAMPL makes it possible to prove the origin of printed components and to verify their authenticity.
For this purpose, well-established encryption technologies are employed. A blockchain technology based digital license management system is added to enhance the security. Both encryption technologies and license management system are integrated into the data exchange solution OpenDXM GlobalX. The blockchain technology, which gained prominence primarily through cryptocurrencies, is used to prove the authenticity of transactions and in this context for the licensing for printing components. The Industry 4.0 Standard OPC-UA is used as interface for the exchange of certification and license data between legal owner and print service providers.
The aim of Fraunhofer ENAS is, to develop a connection system to connect 3D printer, used in additive manufacturing, with the Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform via the OPC-UA standard protocol and to further integrate them into the overall system.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the Technology Program Framework PAiCE (Platforms, Additive Manufacturing, Imaging, Communication and Engineering).