Inline Metrology and Process Data

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Inline Metrology and Process Data.
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Inline Metrology and Process Data.

The topic "Inline Metrology and Process Data" addresses measurements, measurement methods and metrology on wafer level in the context of the technological realization of semiconductor devices. In addition to the measurements and measurement processes themselves, the processing and handling of the measurement data is of decisive importance. 

The intelligent linking of measurement data and production parameters (process data) raises technology development and quality management to a new level. Artificial intelligence and multi-scale simulations are increasingly playing a role in this. Inline Metrology and Process Data is thus a link and central topic at the same time and is placed at Fraunhofer ENAS as an independent research topic directly in the central FAB management. 

It thus supports all internal technology projects and is at the same time open to our external customers and partners. We are happy to develop metrology and data strategies together with you based on your specific needs.

Application scenarios

Inline Metrology CD-SEM Hitachi CS4800

Inline Metrology ConfoVis WaferINSPECT AOI 305