APPLAUSE Heterogeneous Integration Summer School

Fraunhofer ENAS invites PhD students and young engineers to participate in the summer school on "Heterogeneous Integration" from 29 - 30 September 2022. The summer school is organised by the partners of the ECSEL project APPLAUSE, of which Fraunhofer ENAS is one. It will take place in the framework of the ESREF - 33rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices Failure Physics and Analysis, in Berlin.

Follow the link for more details about the summer school, registration and APPLAUSE project: APPLAUSE – ECSEL Project (

APPLAUSE - Advanced packaging for photonics, optics and electronics for low cost manufacturing

For whom is this summer school?

We expect that PHD Students and junior engineers will join us for the two-day event. The APPLAUSE community is made up of 30 partners from 10 countries – from large enterprises and SMEs to Research and Technology Organisations. The APPLAUSE Summer School brings together in one place, a wealth of industry and research experience and the next wave of talented students. It will be a great opportunity to learn from senior colleagues, to gain insight ranging from the basics, to current state of the art, and to the vision for the future. The event will provide a great opportunity to network with representatives from all over Europe.

Project overview:

APPLAUSE will build European expertise in advanced packaging and assembly to develop new tools, methods and processes for high volume manufacturing (HVM)

The background:

The Internet of Things (5G, big data, smart mobility and smart health initiatives create an increasing demand for faster connectivity and expanded sensor capability. To reach the required performance targets and smaller form factors, there is a growing need to integrate multiple chips, optics (sensors) and photonics into the same package. The heterogeneity of components to be packaged is increasing and these results in greater complexity - ultimately the package itself is becoming an integral part of the system: its mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behaviours will have an increasing impact on the success of the overall system’s performance, reliability and cost.

This strong drive for more complex systems and more advanced packaging, including optics and photonics, creates an opportunity to strengthen the manufacturing and packaging value chain in Europe - to foster the competitive advantage of Europe’s semiconductor packaging expertise. The APPLAUSE project focuses on developing advanced packaging and assembly technologies for combined electronics, optics and photonics, targeting high volume, low cost manufacturability. New methods, processes, and tools will be developed for automated high volume manufacturing for this type of advanced packaging - addressing current limitations.


The expected technology innovations include ultra thin wafer and die handling, high precision photonic packaging, bonding technologies for sensitive optics components, medical and biocompatible photonic packaging, molding and 3 D integration for optical component manufacturing, metrology methods and tools for advanced packaging as well as development of test concepts, test equipment platforms and failure analysis to combine the reduced device size and the tightening alignment specifications.

Through the APPLAUSE project, European industry will build on the European expertise in advanced packaging and assembly to develop new processes and related process equipment, process control equipment, and simulation and test methods for high volume manufacturing of advanced packages combining semiconductors, optics and photonics.