go BEYOND 4.0
go BEYOND 4.0

Smart digital production#

Fraunhofer project called »Go Beyond 4.0«

Technologies and Systems for Smart Production

Smart digital production#

Digital production processes such as inkjet and aerosol jet printing processes enable resource-efficient mass production of intelligent and individualized products down to batch size 1.

Application examples and scenarios#

»Go Beyond 4.0«: Increase of Manufacturing Process Stability and Reliability of Printed Systems

»DigiMan«: Development of an R2R Printed and Hybrid Sensor System

MAMA-MEA – Mass manufacture of MEAs using high-speed deposition processes

Product customization in mass production – Printing of wiring harness segments on interior and exterior components

On-line monitoring of the micro welding process of Si parts in MEMS

Digital manufacturing in mass production – functional printing on 3D objects

Thermomechanical reliability aspects of printed functionalities

SAMPL - secure additive manufacturing platform

AGENT-elF: Printing technologies for the integration of electronic functionalities



Digital Roll-to-Product manufacturing of flexible printed smart systems