Sensor Systems for Process and condition Monitoring

Optical monitoring system for quality control of electroplating solutions

Optical sensor system for monitoring of electroplating processes.
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Optical sensor system for monitoring of electroplating processes.
In cooperation with SHINKO

Complex offline methods, such as high-performance liquid chromatography, are state-of-the-art for monitoring quality and consistence of electroplating solutions during the deposition process. In a joint project, Fraunhofer ENAS and Japanese enterprise SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. have developed an optical sensor system in order to have a cost efficient online quantification of essential ingredients of electroplating solutions. The system is based on the acquisition of spectral properties of measured liquids using solid-state sensors. In combination with multivariate algorithm, the concentration of the ingredients to be acquired will be determined. By recognizing a deviation of the predetermined parameters, the consistence of the solution can be regulated directly if necessary.
Compact dimensions, wireless communication and optional battery operation enables an efficient integration of the sensor in existing systems as well as an adaption to further applications. These include process and quality monitoring systems for food technology, environmental analysis or semiconductor industry.