Technologies and Systems for Smart Production

Sensor systems for process and condition monitoring

The necessary smart production environments for the sensor-based monitoring of production are supported by our own sensor solutions. These include, in particular, sensor solutions, which monitor machine conditions and processes during production. Thus, e.g. in addition to the implementation of the plug and play functionality for the exchange of sensors in production environments, new sensor systems for harsh environments or for monitoring production resources such as greases and oils or for monitoring air quality will be developed.


Application examples and scenarios


Structure-integrated wireless sensor and actuator technology for manufacturing systems (SdSeMa)


Printed highly sensitive composite humidity sensors


Implementation of zero-power sensors with sensory metamaterials for applications in lightweight structural engineering


Active workpiece carrier


Wireless sensor systems for the flexible design of production processes


Functional safety




Optical monitoring system for quality control of electroplating solutions


Wireless sensor system for measuring adhesive temperatures


Wireless sensor system for structural health monitoring


Intelligent industrial drive and flexible manufacturing based on workpiece data and sensor information


Oxygen measurement by cavity-enhanced mm-wave spectroscopy


Printed antennas on cardboard boxes enabling identification of metal objects in supply chains


Metamaterials – possibilities for the realization of passive acting smart structures