12th Fraunhofer Symposium in Sendai

Smart Integrated Systems for Different Applications

Honorary Symposium in Remembrance of Prof. Dr. Thomas Gessner

date: 24. November 2016

venue: Sendai Sunplaza Hotel


9.30 a.m. Opening address
Hideya Miki, Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan

Session 1:

Honorary speeches in remembrance of Prof. Geßner
Prof. Kotani, Prof. Esashi, Prof. Otto, Susumu Kaminaga
10.30 a.m. Break

Session 2:

10.40 a.m. フラウンホーファー研究機構と日本代表部/Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan
Hideya Miki, Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan
11:10 a.m. Smart Integrated Systems – Trends and Tendency
Prof. Thomas Otto, Fraunhofer ENAS, Director
11:40 a.m. Advanced Assembly and Integration Technologies for Miniaturized Electronic Systems
Prof. Klaus- Dieter Lang, Fraunhofer IZM; Director   
12.10 p.m. Open collaboration with industry and one example Massive Parallel Electron Beam Write (MPEBW)
Prof. Masayoshi Esashi,Tohoku University
12:40 p.m. Lunch break
13:40 p.m. Smart Sensors for Next Generation Robot
Prof. Shuji Tanaka, Tohoku University
14:10 p.m. Smart Production Systems
Wolfgang Zorn, Fraunhofer IWU, Manager Group System Integration
14:40 p.m. An Overview on Silicon Technologies, Devices and 3D Integration at Fraunhofer EMFT Munich
Dr. Peter Ramm, Fraunhofer EMFT
15:10 p.m. Break
15:30 p.m. Expectations for MEMS technology on OMRON Healthcare products
Toshiyuki Takahashi, OMRON
16:00 p.m. Wafer level bonding technologies
Prof. Joerg Froemel, Fraunhofer Project Center at WPI-AIMR
16:30 p.m. Diamond-based devices fabricated by wafer-to-wafer bonding
Dr. Vadim Lebedev, Fraunhofer IAF
17:00 p.m. Flexural vibration mode nanodiamond/AlN disk resonators for mass sensing applications
Taro Yoshikawa, Fraunhofer IAF
17:30 p.m. End of Session 2
17:40 p.m. Reception
Opening address Prof. Thomas Otto, Fraunhofer ENAS
Closing address Prof. Masayoshi Esashi, Tohoku University