Conference 2013

Smart Systems Integration 2013

The Smart Systems Integration Conference 2013 takes place March 13th and 14 th, 2013, in Amsterdam. It is second time collocated with the European Executive Congress of MEMS Industry group.

Main topics of SSI2013:

  • Smart systems for automotive applications / green car and aeronautics
  • Smart medtech systems and systems for prognostics health management
  • Smart systems in logistics and security applications
  • Smart power, smart grids and smart networks
  • Cyber physical systems, smart communication, self-sufficient sensor networks
  • Manufacturing technologies for smart integrated system
  • Design of smart systems, component design, design for reliability
  • Micro and nano systems / embedded systems
  • Advanced micro and nano technologies
  • New materials, nano structures and devices
  • Roll to roll technologies, printed functionalities
  • 3D integration and interconnect technologies
  • System integration and packaging
  • Test and reliability of components and systems

Late abstracts can be submitted until October 28th, 2012.

For more information please visit: home.htm

You can also contact the onference-Chair:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Geßner