Barcelona, Spain  /  04/11/2019  -  04/12/2019

Smart Systems Integration 2019

International Conference and Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems

Call for Papers 2019

Currently, digitization is entering all sectors. Traditional sectors merge with digital solutions and our world is becoming more and more connected. Thereby, big challenges arise in the field of less power consuming and multifunctional hardware as well as on data security, responsible handling of data and constantly updated legal regulations. The main hardware components of the IoT are smart systems – self-sufficient, mostly autonomous intelligent technical systems with advanced functionality. Their operation is being further enhanced by their ability to mutually address, identify and work in consortia with each other. Therefore, smart systems hold not only enormous potential for a wide range of applications, they also act as enablers for many future technologies.

The ecosystem of smart systems in Europe is mainly driven by EPoSS – the European Platform on Smart Systems Integration. The objectives of EPoSS consist of further developing the European industry network for the promotion of research in Smart Systems technologies, defining R&D priorities and policy requirements, co-ordinating efforts, launching common actions, and implementing joint R&D strategies. In this sense, the Smart Systems Integration Conference and Exhibition is the most important platform for industry, science and politics to exchange know-how and know-ledge as well as initiate new projects in this field.

The Smart Systems Integration Conference 2019 addresses all aspects of smart systems, starting from new materials and technologies, issues of integration, innovative smart systems, their manufacturing technologies, embedded software up to industrial applications.

On behalf of the committee, the Co-Chairs – Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner (Bosch Sensortec GmbH, Chairman of EPoSS) and Wolfgang Gessner (EPoSS Office) – and the local Co-Chairs from Spain – Prof. Carles Cané (CNM-IMB), Dr. Larraitz Añorga (CIDETEC), Dr. Chris Merveille (IKERLAN) and Dr. Luis Fonseca  (CNM-IMB) – I am looking forward to receiving your application or scientific oriented submission.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Otto

Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems

Conference topics 2019

A Applications
A01 Smart mobility
A02 Smart health and wellness
A03 Smart energy
A04 Smart society
A05 Smart production

B Hardware/Technologies
B01 New materials for nano structures and devices
B02 Design of smart integrated systems
B03 Advanced micro and nano technologies
B04 Smart low cost approaches including Roll-to-Roll technologies and
       printed functionalities
B05 System integration: 3D integration, interconnect technologies and packaging
B06 Smart test and reliability of components and systems
B07 Manufacturing of embedded micro and nano systems

C Software for smart integrated systems
C01 Embedded software
C02 Distributed embedded systems
C03 Self-X systems (learning, organising, optimising, reapairing ...)
C04 Methods of software life cycle (design, test, commissioning ...)        

D Business creation of Smart Systems
D01 Market Trends
D02 Perspectives of Smart Systems
D03 Ecosystems for Smart Solutions
D04 SME success stories