MAM2017 – Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference

From March 26 to March 29th, 2017, the MAM2017 – Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference took place in Dresden. MAM 2017 was the 26th in a series devoted to research on materials properties and interactions of interconnect and silicide materials.  

More than 80 scientists from all over the world took part at the conference. Twenty four posters have been presented. The poster “resistive switching behavior of BiFeO3 and BiFeO3:Ti based films on different bottom electrode materials” presented by Dr. Ramona Ecke, Fraunhofer ENAS, got  the best poster award of scientists.

Main topics of the whole workshop were:

      Materials, Processes & Integration

      Deposition PVD; CVD; ALD; ELD; ECD; SAMs, reflow; e-beam

      Advanced Characterization and Modeling techniques

      Applications including nanoscale

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