Lighthouse projects

Theranostic Implants

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Theranostic implants are complex implantable medical products, which combine both diagnostic and therapeutical features in one system. The requirements for implants of the next generation are enormous: highly complex with small dimensions and low weight, stable functionality within the body (a warm and moist environment) and surrounded by constant cell growth. Crucial factors are biocompatibility with the body and the power supply. The project consortium focused on a technology platform for power and signal solutions as well as longevity and compatibility of the implants in particular. The permanent monitoring of vital parameters helps in purposefully deploying therapeutic measures. Within the Fraunhofer lighthouse project 12 Fraunhofer institutes (management: Fraunhofer IBMT) are working cooperatively on three subprojects, which focus on skeletal, cardiovascular and neuromuscular demonstrators. Fraunhofer ENAS is researching within two subprojects on miniaturized sensors, energy transmission and storage, communication, and last but not least on packaging and integration aspects as well as biocompatible encapsulation technologies.