Lighthouse projects


The lighthouse project „eHarsh“ aims at the development and provision of a technology platform, in which sensor systems comprising sensors and electronics are developed and manufactured for their application in extremely harsh environments. The consortium, consisting of seven Fraunhofer institutes headed by Fraunhofer IMS, addresses the growing demand for smart control and communication techniques within the industry and our society, particularly in the Fraunhofer fields of research “Mobility and Transport”, “Energy and Resources” and “Production and supply of Services”. Within the lighthouse project, robust sensors for the use up to 500 °C and MEMS sensors, integrated circuits and system components for the use up to 300 °C are developed and provided. At the same time, work on hermetically sealed encapsulations, 3D integration and encapsulations on a system level (“system-scaled package”), analytics, testing, reliability analyses and modeling is conducted. Fraunhofer ENAS is particularly working on MEMS acceleration sensors for geothermal energy (operation up to 300 °C) and the development of long-term stable hermetically sealed encapsulations with integrated ceramic windows for the sensor system as well as reliability studies.