Lighthouse projects

Go Beyond 4.0

The demand for innovative and individualized devices for the future markets automotive, aerospace, photonics and manufacturing is growing in general. The highly qualified functionalities of the respective devices are realized by using modern functional materials. The lighthouse project “Go Beyond 4.0” addresses mass production of future products down to batch size 1 by integrating digital manufacturing processes, such as inkjet printing as an additive process and laser processing as an ablative process into existing mass manufacturing environments. In order to achieve this goal, Fraunhofer institutes ENAS, IWU, IFAM, ILT, IOF and ISC interdisciplinary combine their expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, photonics and material science. Following the concept, a reliable zero error production will systematically be integrated into the process chain to manufacture product demonstrators. The demonstrators address the major markets automotive, aerospace and lighting: smart door, smart wing and smart luminaire. To realize the demonstrators, the digital production technologies (digital printing and laser processing) will be adapted to the geometries of the individual demonstrators and the material properties.