Business Unit »Systems and Applications«

The focus of our developments is on the application in interaction with the technological aspects, in particular on the use of micro and nanotechnologies, e.g. in medical technology. Our aim is to demonstrate the application proximity through a high technology readiness level of our developments up to the development of prototypes for further studies in cooperation with our customers.

In addition, we make use, of a wide range of industrial functional samples and demonstrators, especially in the field of printed electronics, where we consistently prove maturity and usability.


We are addressing the megatrends of urbanization and globalization, which are becoming increasingly important due to global resource scarcity, primarily in the field of hydrogen-based energy technology. To this end, we are increasingly expanding our know-how in the field of membrane electrode units of fuel cells for decentralized electrical energy generation as well as green hydrogen production through electrolysis. In the meantime, we have become a leader in the field of printable inks for the necessary catalysts, thus ensuring an excellent use of resources in the production of these hydrogen technology systems.


Flexible and Integrable Electronics


CCM, MEA and Biomedical Sensors