Semiconductor Industry, Microsystems Technology, System Providers

Business Unit »Systems and Applications«

The semiconductor industry and microsystems technology are leading industries in Saxony, which cooperate very strongly within the industry network Silicon Saxony. For many years, we have been cooperating with global players but also with SMEs both in the field of technology development, simulation of processes, equipment and devices, development of new components and systems, their packaging as well as in the reliability of microelectronic and microsystem components and systems. In this area, our excellent experience in cleanroom-based process technologies in the Business Unit Process, Device and Packaging Technologies, the development of components and systems in the Business Unit Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Systems of Fraunhofer ENAS as well as the expertise of the Functional Teams Reliability and Artificial Intelligence are of particular benefit.

We now also support partners in the field of testing and the so-called Burn-IN technology. The associated test systems are currently undergoing a metamorphosis on the market from the rather flexibility-limited large devices (so-called big irons) to flexible small test units with highly variable test item equipment. In doing so, we apply both the methodological knowledge of model-based systems engineering and the deep physical component understanding of the semiconductor products to be tested (e.g. opto-power semiconductors, etc.) in order to provide both the customer in semiconductor manufacturer as well as the test system supplier with outstanding added value. In this area, our excellent experience in clean room based process technologies from the other business areas of Fraunhofer ENAS is of great benefit.

Our know-how portfolio is rounded off by a professional electronics and testing laboratory, in which we primarily carry out integration of miniaturized electronics and microelectronics and the associated controller architectures on behalf of customers, especially in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. This includes in-depth knowledge of signal integrities on existing complex PCBAs as well as material investigations (e.g. SEM) on reliability-relevant components. We can also provide our customers with expert advice in the area of electromagnetic compatibility and, at best, detect later cost traps already in the design of the assemblies. In case of unexpected problems with the test approval of products in the field of automotive or medical technology standards (e.g. VDA 623 or IEC 60601-1-2:2014. ), our outstanding technical expertise in the field of antenna technology and wireless signal transmission and our in-house EMI laboratory supports the customer.