Medicine and Medical Applications

Business Unit »Systems and Applications«

An important growth area is the field of medical products, where long-term megatrends are at work, enabling sustainable growth for our institute and our local economy. In order to generate - medical - added value in this environment, we also start here with the application. We are supported in this by both our employees with a medical background and partners from the clinical ecosystem in Chemnitz.

In this area we also address cross-business unit and cross-departmental R&D activities with a medical, biological and life science background. The focus of our developments is on applications in conjunction with technical and technological aspects, in particular the use of micro- and nanotechnologies in the service of health and especially in medical technology. Our goal is to demonstrate the application proximity through a high technology readiness level of our developments up to the development of prototypes for further studies in cooperation with our customers.

Up to now the focus was on intelligent implants and medical devices, but also on biocompatible materials for use in humans. The use of key technologies such as microsystems technologies and nanotechnologies enables outstanding new applications in this field, which can only be implemented through miniaturization and functionalization. Examples include miniaturized ultrasound transducers that enable individualized therapy for cancer patients with the aid of a microendoscope. The research results in the Fraunhofer lead project also show the potential for an implant for long-term monitoring of hemodynamics in human patients.

In the field of imaging systems, we have profound systemic knowledge of the construction of X-ray systems, from mobile systems of smaller lines to stationary digital X-ray systems. In addition to radiation generation in the environment of multispectral imaging with e.g. tomosynthetic acquisition, we are primarily concerned with AI-supported image processing algorithms. For this purpose, we operate a well-equipped X-ray laboratory on campus.

Our USPs are:

  • X-Ray: Spectral imaging, image processing algorithms (together with Functional Team Artificial Intelligence ).
  • Medical Device Development (MDR) Pathway:
    • Deploy xMUT-based vital signs sensors and other principles, and develop wearables.
    • Bring circulations to wound healing in clinical trials
    • Multisensor system to objectify psychological findings (holistic view of psych. patients).

Application scenarios


Theranostic implants


Highly miniaturized ultrasound transducers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications


Devices for neuro control and neuro rehabilitation


Smart electronic wound patch


Rapid testing to fight Covid-19


Hyperspectral camera system


Wearables for temperature measurement


Microfluidic for lab on chip systems