Mechanical Engineering, Robotics

Business Unit »Systems and Applications«

In the area of mechanical engineering / robotics Fraunhofer ENAS addresses topics of automation and digitalization of manufacturing. The focus is on the provision of technologies for the individualization of products and the sensor-based monitoring of production. The necessary smart production environments are supported by own sensor solutions. These include, in particular, sensor solutions that ensure machine condition and process monitoring within production. For example, in addition to the implementation of plug-and-play functionality for the replacement of sensors in production environments, the development of new sensor systems for harsh environments or the monitoring of production aids such as greases and oils or the control of air quality is also involved.

Application scenarios


»GoBeyond4.0«: Increase of Manufacturing Process Stability and Reliability of Printed Systems


Structure-integrated wireless sensor and actuator technology for manufacturing systems (SdSeMa)


Active Workpiece Carrier


Wireless sensor systems for flexible design of production processes


Optical monitoring system for quality control of electroplating solutions


»DigiMan«: Development of an R2R Printed and Hybrid Sensor System


eHarsh: Sensor systems for extremely harsh environments, proof of concept for CMUT signal performance