Systems and Applications

The Business Unit »Systems and Applications« consistently follows the value creation in the research and development process and is therefore a systematic consequence of the strategic orientation of Fraunhofer ENAS in Chemnitz. We approach the multifaceted issues of our public and industrial partners by stringently extracting the possible, meaningful and sustainable applications from the problem space and transferring them to the solution space by means of the expertise and technology available at the institute in all business areas.

In this way, it is our essential task to generate projects together with our partners - on the basis of usable applications - which support and advance the mature development of laboratory demonstrators via functional models right through to the production process of our industrial customers.

Conversely, we also provide the groundbreaking impulses for the fundamental technology developments at Fraunhofer ENAS by deriving relevant research needs of the future from the emerging applications in the industrial and public environment.

With this approach, we not only strengthen the position of the Fraunhofer ENAS in Chemnitz, but also make a profound contribution to the competitiveness of the transformation industry, especially in Saxony's SME area, by eliciting future applications and modular systems and the corresponding business cases and backing them up with technologically leading developments of high maturity.

  • Flexible and integrable electronics
  • CCM, MEA and biomedical sensors
  • Embedded SW for microcontrollers
  • X-ray technology and high voltage generation
  • Digital image processing and motion control

  • Model Based System Engineering
  • Agile SW development, SCRUM & Co



Customer Domains

  • Semiconductor industry, micosystems technology, system suppliers
  • Mechanical engineering, robotics, mobility
  • Medicine and medical technology applications
  • Energy, hydrogen technologies inclusive

Regulatory Competences

  • Medical Devices Regulation MDR
  • Aviation regulations
  • IEC 60601 incl. corresponding EMI regulations