Biosensor Integration

Business Unit »Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Systems«

Sensors are the heart of any miniaturized analysis system. They indicate the presence of relevant target substances by changing a physically measurable quantity (e.g. electrical charges, optical radiation, impedance,...). However, for optimal function, the sensors often need to be integrated into an appropriate microfluidic infrastructure.

Together with our customers, we develop solutions for the optimal integration of their biosensor into a microfluidic environment. For this purpose, we analyze the application scenario (online measurement, laboratory use, on-site analysis,...) and the analysis conditions and derive necessary microfluidic and other functional components. In addition to the component analysis, the interfaces (fluidic, electrical, optical, mechanical) are analyzed and designed according to customer requirements.

With our in-house expertise and technologies, we support our customers from the initial concept through rapid prototyping solutions to functional demonstrators. We then support them in the transition to products.

Application scenarios


CovMoTe- Rapid testing to fight Covid-19


h-ALO – Multimodal test for food safety


MOLOKO – Novel rapid tests for food quality and animal health


MIDARDI – for a better treatment of diabetic foot ulcer


Mobile pathogen analysis for the reduction of broadband antibiotics


Development of a Mobile Diagnostic Platform for the use on Self-Contained, Exploration Rovers Within Harsh Environments