Assay Integration

Business Unit »Intelligent Sensor and Actuator Systems«

The transfer of chemical and biochemical analytical methods to microfluidic systems allows the improvement of reaction dynamics, in addition to a more resource-efficient use of sample material and reagents. Furthermore, the possibility of automated sample preparation allows to increase the reliability of analytical results by reducing potential user errors in the pre-analytical phase.

Together with our customers, we develop solutions for the integration, miniaturization and automation of analytical processes and bioassays. For this purpose we analyze the existing process and extract the material flow of sample and reagents. If possible, volumes are optimized. All necessary processing steps are then replaced by microfluidic equivalents.

With our in-house expertise and technologies, we support our customers from the initial concept through rapid prototyping solutions to functional demonstrators. We then support them in the transition to products.

Application scenarios


Development of a mobile diagnostic platform for the use on self-contained, exploration rovers within harsh environments


Capillary microfluidic chip with integrated pump and valve actuator